Sander de Groot

‘A sustainable future for all.’ 

Specialismen: projectmanagement, industriële processen, engineering

Sander believes that great results can be achieved when all project members have a good rapport and a common goal in a project. As a project leader, he is determined to improve cooperation between parties to achieve good results and reduce the effects of climate change.

When he graduated in Mechanical Engineering, he felt the need for a broader view of projects than just from a technical point of view. A reason for him to study Industrial Engineering and Management in Groningen. As a result, Sander has a lot of versatile knowledge and skills to make projects a success.


Eye to eye

During holidays, Sander likes to spend his time in the mountains: skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer months. In recent holidays, it became very clear to him that the climate is changing. The glacier he visited in his youth has been melting rapidly in recent years. A huge motivation and trigger for Sander to contribute to the energy transition to mitigate the effects of the climate change we are now facing.  

In his previous jobs, Sander worked in various engineering positions (project, production and maintenance engineer) in the manufacturing and process industry for companies such as VDL, Philips and Friesland Campina. The experience he gained in the industry is useful for understanding the challenges companies face in the energy transition.