From multi-fuel petrol station to an Energy Hub of the Future

Green Planet is a petrol station developing into an Energy Hub for all conventional and renewable fuels including electric charging for both passenger and truck traffic. Summit Engineering is providing business development, project management and engineering in this development.

In the execution of the work, the entire chain is involved by making combined use of the experience and knowledge within Green Planet, Summit Engineering and the joint network. The following systems have been realised:

  • Hydrogen tank installation for passenger cars
  • 10 kW Fuel Cell test stand
  • LNG refuelling installation for trucks
  • 350 kW Fast chargers for trucks
  • 3.2 MWh battery system
  • 10 kV cable (GDS) and external PV system
  • 10 kV local grid for on-site energy distribution

Among other things, work is still in progress on the realisation of a green hydrogen fuelling plant for heavy transport and electric charging for delivery vans and trucks. All with the aim of eventually being able to supply Zero Emission transport and haulage with fuel and electricity.

Green Planet logo

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