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Are you looking for a project and advisory firm for energy transition? We can help you reduce your CO₂ emissions. Summit Engineering supports companies and governments with their Energy Management and Sustainable Energy Projects. We provide concrete advice and excellent project support you can count on. Whether you are at the concept phase of your project or already working towards project implementation: You can rely on Summit Engineering’s years of experience to support you in each phase.

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Insights, Ideas, Integration and Implementation: at Summit Engineering we work with the 4 ‘I’s principle. This work process offers you guidance along your journey to reduce your CO₂ emissions. To enable the process, we have various tools and options available, these include, energy management (ISO 50001), sustainability (green gas, hydrogen or solar and wind energy) or integrated energy solutions (power to hydrogen, energy storage). We use our knowledge, experience, as well as our extensive sector network, to provide a tailor-made programme for achieving optimal results!

Our team

The Summit Engineering team consists of enthusiastic, driven engineering and business development professionals with years of experience. We have a sound technical background and an eye for all business aspects. A strong combination, if we do say so ourselves. 

Each team member has his or her own specialties, and we focus on both what we are good at and what we like – so that you can reap the benefits! In addition to in house knowledge and experience, we have a wide network that we call on if necessary. That’s how we go for results, together!

Our projects

At Summit Engineering, we master the art of going from plan to project like no other. As a project- and advisory firm for energy transition, we have endless experience in the field of energy saving, sustainability, ISO 50001, hydrogen and many other themes within the energy transition. Something we are very proud of.

Have you become curious about which projects we carry out and which parties we advise and support and which projects we manage? Then read on. We have a solution for every problem and who knows, maybe your project will be among them soon!