Hydrogen will play a major role in the future energy supply. Provided it’s produced sustainably, hydrogen has many advantages as an energy carrier, making it a great CO₂-neutral substitute for other fuels.

Hydrogen is easy to transport, easy to store and can be used in mobility, heating, industrial processes and for generating electricity. To pave the way for green hydrogen, it is important that the entire hydrogen chain is well developed. From conversion / production (1), to transport (2), storage (3) and marketing or application (4).

Summit Engineering has knowledge and experience with every step within the chain. Therefore, we can develop a business case together with you and execute the project as well. Whether that is about one of the steps or the entire chain. We can also use our network to add possible missing elements in your hydrogen chain.


  1. Conversion / Production

Green hydrogen can be produced by electrolysis using sustainably generated electricity. Summit Engineering has gained experience in this field amongst others in the HyStock-project.


  1. Transport

Hydrogen can be transported by road, water or pipelines. The option that will suit your plans best, depends on the specific situation. Summit Engineering is happy to investigate your options. The Summit Engineering team has also gained experience converting a (natural) gas pipeline into a pipeline for H2 transport, for example at  Gasunie Hydrogen Services.


  1. Storage
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Hydrogen is a gas that is compressible and therefore can be stored in bottles, tanks or salt caverns. Storage of H2 may be necessary before it is transported, for example, for matching supply and demand or for availability requirements. In all cases, Summit Engineering can provide advice and further develop your needs in this aspect. Click here for more information about storing energy and how Summit Engineering can help you.


4. Market and/or application

The market for green hydrogen is developing rapidly. The sustainable energy carrier can be used in mobility, industrial processes, heating and in the generation of electricity using fuel cells. Whatever application you have in mind: Summit Engineering is happy to be of service.

The use of hydrogen is increasingly being considered, especially in niche applications. Generally this is because it’s difficult to develop a business case that is competitive to a business case using traditional fuels. However, we expect that hydrogen – especially because of its unique properties – will play an important role alongside other green alternatives. This creates the CO₂-neutral energy mix of the future.