Our team

The Summit Engineering team consists of enthusiastic, driven engineering and business development professionals with years of experience. We have a sound technical background and an eye for all business aspects. A strong combination, if we do say so ourselves.

Each team member has his or her own specialties, and we focus on both what we are good at and what we like – so that you can reap the benefits! Important pillars within our team are knowledge, network and personal motivation. – because you only achieve results if you are really dedicated to the cause.

Robbert van der Pluijm


Arjan Hartemink


Erinn Los

Project leader / Consultant

Diewertje Doeglas

Project leader / Project engineer

Lotte Top

Project engineer / Project leader

Foto Anne Adamse

Anne Adamse

Project leader

Foto Anne Adamse

Emile Keuter

Project leader

Roelie Hoving

HRM advisor

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