Anne Adamse

‘Change starts with yourself, including the energy transition.’ 

Specialismen: Process optimisation, project management, energy saving, modelling

The need to make an impact and contribute to making the world more sustainable is what drives Anne. Whenever possible, she likes to do this together with others. Using everyone’s expertise can lead to great solutions. During projects, Anne creates structure and likes to work in a goal-oriented way. Thanks to her good communication skills, she adapts her communication to the situation. Sometimes straightforward, other times a bit reserved. No challenge is too crazy for her.


Making an impact with sustainability

Originally, Anne was taught to take good care of the world. When she went to university, Anne found out that not everyone could take that for granted. This motivated her to focus on a sustainable future. After completing her Bachelor’s in Business Administration, Anne got the opportunity to focus on sustainable energy during her Master’s in Technology and Operations Management. This was the trigger to also devote her professional life to a more sustainable future. After working in a manufacturing company for a year, she reached the conclusion that the manufacturing industry was not for Anne. Nevertheless, this experience did teach her what the manufacturing world looks like and how best to operate in it. At Summit Engineering, she hopes to make an impact with others and give the world a bright future.