Diewertje Doeglas

‘The future is determined by what you decide to do now’ 

Core competencies: green hydrogen, technology and energy savings

Diewertje is convinced that projects only really gain momentum when all parties involved are clear on the objective and on why specific steps have to be taken to achieve it. As project leader, Diewertje will take you through this process like no other, because her technical background gives her insight into the crux of challenges and she is able to explain clearly what needs to be done. As a result of her involvement, she is always up to date on the status of and developments within the projects she supervises with great enthusiasm.


From theory to practice

Diewertje was born and raised in Groningen and has never felt the need to leave her beautiful city. After secondary school, she started studying theoretical physics at the University of Groningen because she has always had a passion for comprehending the incomprehensible. After the interesting but abstract world of theoretical physics, she thought it was time to deal with tangible social issues. Issues that really matter. First in education, where she contributed as project leader to improving teaching methods at the educational publisher Noordhoff. After that, she chose to work on controlling the coronavirus pandemic for the Public Health Service (GGD), and now she is highly motivated to make a difference to what she considers to be the biggest and most important challenge of all: the climate crisis.