Roelie Hoving

‘Small steps are steps too, as long as they lead in the right direction’

Roelie has been self-employed in the area of HRM and organisation development for several years. She enjoys helping to shape Summit’s organisation, now it has evolved from two enthusiastic entrepreneurs to a proper organisation with employees. The other organisations Roelie works have been around for some time and she provides them with advice on specific subjects, staffs the HR department, is a sparring partner or gives training. At Summit she can do all that at the same time and it has to be set up from scratch! Thinking this through energises her. She works for us a couple of hours a month. With only a small group of people, it is important to look each other in the eye sometimes, but she does not need to provide advice the entire day. Furthermore, the colleagues of Summit Engineering know where to find her when they have questions.

She already helped Robbert and Arjan with recruiting and selecting some excellent colleagues, which created a team that fits the development of the organisation. This way, she is a sparring partner for the founders of Summit, and she plays a role in the team and in the personal development within the organisation. Roelie imagines she will be able to support Summit on a regular basis and is very keen to do just that!