Scale-up of green hydrogen in the Netherlands

Where are the biggest challenges and opportunities in scaling up green hydrogen in the Netherlands? We found out with a quickscan commissioned by GroenvermogenNL.

GroenvermogenNL is a cooperation programme between several top sectors (Chemistry, HTSM and Energy), partners from industry, knowledge institutes and the government. The aim of GroenvermogenNL is to accelerate the creation of an ecosystem for green hydrogen in the Netherlands. Among other things, GroenvermogenNL aims to contribute to the scale-up of green hydrogen production, by helping to realise electrolysis projects of at least 100 MW by 2026. The programme also wants to stimulate the use of green hydrogen in various industries, including chemicals, steel, fertiliser and fuels for aviation and shipping. In doing so, it explicitly also wants to provide opportunities for the Dutch manufacturing industry to play an important role in the further development of these value chains.

On behalf of GroenvermogenNL, Summit Engineering conducted a quick scan of the development of green hydrogen value chains in the Netherlands, looking at local production or import of hydrogen, transport and storage and industrial end-use. We identified challenges, risks and possible innovative solutions in the development of these green hydrogen value chains in the Dutch context, with a focus on large-scale electrolysis projects (100 MW+). For this purpose, we interviewed 33 parties active in the Dutch hydrogen world. This quick scan gives GroenvermogenNL more insight, allowing them to better align their instruments to those points in the value chains where learning and innovation are important to facilitate scale-up.

Curious about our findings and recommendations? They can be found on the GroenvermogenNL website here.

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