Energy savings at Nedmag

Nedmag BV is a large magnesium salt extraction and processing company in the province of Groningen. After the salt is extracted from the ground, it is used to produce high-quality products for numerous applications. This is an energy-intensive process as it requires, for example, large and hot ovens. With energy-intensive processes, it is especially important to use energy efficiently and consciously. In order to further shape this, Summit Engineering has set up an energy management system (EMS) for Nedmag, in line with the international standard for energy management (ISO 50001). This system seamlessly links up with existing management systems and focuses on continuous improvement of energy efficiency performance. This method allows Nedmag to systematically save energy in a smart, simple way. Good energy management also leads to high savings of both costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

As a first step in implementing the EMS, Summit Engineering further mapped out the current energy consumption within Nedmag’s various production processes and locations. Only when it is known exactly where the energy goes can you see where the opportunities to save lie. Based on this, Summit Engineering and Nedmag came up with ideas for savings measures together and the best ones were worked out by Summit through a model. This model takes into account not only the price for different energy carriers, but also the CO2 price. These prices can be adjusted to current, or expected future situations at the push of a button. On this basis, energy-saving measures can then be prioritised, weighed against the available budget and energy and environmental objectives (including CO2 emissions). Because this new view of energy saving systematically incorporates every idea, whether put forward by top management or operators, it creates support and motivation through all layers of the organisation. Even before the work was completed, new insights were emerging and ideas were being developed, so the decrease in energy consumption will not be long in coming.


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“The energy management system according to the ISO 50001 turned out to be surprisingly simple, smart and practical to set up with the help of Summit Engineering.”

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Directeur Operations, Nedmag