Emile Keuter

‘If you don’t try, i’s not going to happen anyway.’

Core competencies: sustainable mobility, project management and energy savings

I am a great believer in joining forces to work towards a shared sustainable future. My passion lies in exploring the latest, affordable and useful sustainable technologies and working towards the optimal energy system. I do all this with enthusiasm, eagerness to learn and perseverance. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experiences with others to create real impact and raise awareness, for example about energy consumption.

Our own power to shape the future

My journey began on an energy-intensive farm, where from a young age I had the dream of making it more sustainable. I learned that ‘just doing it’ and collaborating with others is the key to success, even if it means making mistakes from time to time. This eventually led to the transformation of my childhood home into a net positive residential farm.

After studying Business Administration at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences, I got the chance to delve into sustainable transport, a totally new and exciting challenge. After two years of practical experience, I dove into the books again during my Masters in Sustainable Energy System Management to get a full picture of sustainable energy systems. Now I bring my experience, knowledge and enthusiasm to Summit Engineering, where I contribute to new projects and continue to learn.