Erinn Los

‘Contributing to a sustainable future’ 

Core competencies: project management, energy management and energy savings

Solution-oriented, well organised and curious by nature. That’s Erinn in a nutshell. She is highly motivated to accelerate the energy transition. As a project leader she is keen to take on the challenge of managing projects for Summit Engineering’s clients. Her strong analytical skills give her a good grasp of complex processes. She prefers to work in a multidisciplinary team, where individuals complement each other and achieve better results together. As a project leader Erinn is focused on connection and on building a sustainable future together.


Taking action on sustainability

Erinn was raised just outside the city of Groningen, in what used to be the greenest village in the Netherlands. Growing up she spent a lot of time in nature as a scout and her dream job was forest ranger. In her teenage years this changed slightly to biologist, partly because she was inspired by David Attenborough’s documentaries. As part of her biology studies she learned about climate change and the biodiversity crisis and this sparked a desire to contribute to a sustainable future. After completing her master’s degree she left for England to pursue biomedical research, but she remained interested in sustainability. Her next step was to pursue a role as an organizer for Milieudefensie, working to encourage politicians to set and achieve ambitious climate goals. In parallel she worked as a guest teacher in primary schools in Groningen, focusing on environmental issues and the circular economy. As a project leader at Summit Engineering she is excited to be working on reducing CO2 emissions in the Netherlands, by managing and advising on interesting projects in the energy transition.