Gijs Boesjes

“It’s time for action”

Core competencies: Systems thinking, modelling and data analysis

Thanks to various smart measuring equipment, there is currently an abundance of data that can tell us something about issues related to sustainability and energy transition. However, data alone cannot tell the whole story, and insight is needed to come up with solutions. This requires collaboration at a multidisciplinary level. Optimism, clear communication, and active listening are therefore important characteristics that Gijs considers essential.

Gijs grew up near Leeuwarden and has always been able to marvel at the natural beauty of the Frisian landscape. On holiday, he prefers to visit beautiful natural areas to go on long hikes and practice wild camping. Over the years, the visible effects of climate change on our environment have made an impressment on Gijs. He realises that the nature around us and the liveability of the world are the most valuable things, and that we must work together hard to preserve them. Or, in the
words of his favourite band, the Eagles: “Cause there is no more new frontier, we have got to make it here.”

Six years ago, Gijs moved to Groningen to study astronomy. After completing his bachelor’s degree, he wanted to use his acquired knowledge and analytical skills to contribute to solving the climate crisis. With this goal in mind, he began studying energy and environmental sciences. After conducting scientific research on climate change in Antarctica at KNMI, Gijs has now joined Summit Engineering for his final graduation assignment. Here, he will focus on model-based optimisation of energy systems and the potential it has to alleviate grid congestion.