Lotte Top

‘It’s not easy, but together we can do it!’

Specialisms: chemical technology, systems thinking and modelling

Interdisciplinarity and working together to find solutions for sustainable issues is a great challenge for Lotte. With clear communication and clear goals, she brings out the best in others to work together on the energy transition. With her enthusiasm and eagerness to learn, she is also a source of inspiration for others to work towards a sustainable future.


Not sitting still

From an early age, Lotte can be found in nature, enjoying the beautiful things that can be found there. She is also very curious and likes to know how something works. This is why the combination of natural sciences and engineering was a logical choice for her education. She gained a lot of knowledge during her bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Groningen. Yet something was missing during her studies: a focus on sustainability! The consequences of climate change are becoming increasingly clear and sitting still is not an option for Lotte. To immerse herself in sustainability, she took the master’s in Energy and Environmental Sciences. Here she experienced how important social issues are interconnected and how essential a broad view of the climate crisis is. She will use her knowledge of systems thinking, modelling and sustainability in the coming period at Summit Engineering.