Route to an emission-free construction site

Stichting Emissieloos Netwerk Infra (ENI) (or in English: Foundation Emission free Network Infrastructure) was established in 2020 by GMB, De Vries en van der Wiel and Heijmans as part of the Sterke Lekdijk dike reinforcement project. ENI is committed to making zero-emission construction sites feasible, affordable and scalable by 2026. This includes the wide availability of emission-free construction equipment, a solid energy supply and ambitious clients.

ENI now comprises more than 45 (subcontractors), equipment suppliers, manufacturers, energy suppliers, grid operators and converters. By combining issues from the construction sector and addressing them with all chain partners, learning from them and moving the market, a healthy transition to a sustainable construction sector is taking place.

Summit Engineering has been involved with ENI since 2020, supporting them wherever possible and whenever necessary. Summit Engineering has done the following activities/products, among others:

By providing more insight into what is involved in the zero-emission construction site, ENI is getting one step further towards achieving its goal. On the one hand, Summit Engineering provides those necessary insights and, on the other, Summit Engineering supports ENI in its day-to-day operations.

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“Summit Engineering helps us move towards the zero-emission construction site. They do this by using their people with a lot of knowledge, by hard work and by using their network well!

Edwin Lokkerbol

Programme manager, Emissieloos Netwerk Infra (ENI)