Insights into sustainable energy supply of a crematorium

Respectrum Crematoria is motivated to make their cremation process more sustainable and is exploring various options to do so. Summit Engineering helped with understanding sustainability options for the energy flows of Crematorium Ommeland en Stad. Because this energy system has multiple forms of energy carriers and there are different options to make it more sustainable, it was desirable to map how these relate to each other so that the optimal choices can be made in a sustainability strategy.

Options for sustainability include installing solar panels, small wind turbines and batteries. The use of hydrogen for the cremation process was also investigated, both with on-site hydrogen production and having hydrogen delivered. This was done using a smart energy system model developed by Summit Engineering. With this model, the most optimal sizes of system components can be determined. This takes into account factors such as energy costs, grid connection, available space and investment costs. This results in an energy system where costs are minimised for the desired sustainability. The results were then used by Respectrum Crematoria to make choices in their sustainability strategy.


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“It was a real pleasure to work with Summit Engineering because of their pragmatic and down-to-earth approach. The enthusiasm and thinking along with their team members led to a fine cooperation and valuable insights. In addition, their extensive network in the energy transition was very valuable.

Hans van den Berg

Financial Director, Respectrum Crematoria