Robbert van der Pluijm

‘What’s not possible, never happened.’

Core competencies: business development, energy transition, energy carriers and asset managemen

He is best described as enthusiastic and driven. Robbert always sees opportunities he then manages to realise in a pragmatic way. He prefers to use his energy knowledge and expertise in existing processes and in the field of innovative developments. This ranges from the continuous improvement of energy consumption to the use of alternative energy carriers, such as hydrogen. The transition to a sustainable energy supply is a complex process that requires considerable steps. Robbert believes that this is best achieved by partnering with other parties, and that is why he enjoys cooperation.

Fascinated with energy

Although Robbert was born in Roosendaal, he soon moved to the Caribbean Island of Saint Martin with his family. There he lived behind the island’s power plant and that sparked his fascination with energy. During his studies, he specialised in energy and gas technology. Via the Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN) he ended up at the large American engineering firm Fluor. In Fluor he was involved in various international partnerships and focused primarily on engineering, contracting and construction projects.

After ten years, he moved on and started working as a project manager at the potato-starch company Avebe and later joined Nederlandse Gasunie. Robbert held positions, such as project engineer, technical buyer and technical manager and worked for sister companies BBL Company and EnergyStock. He now uses all the experience he gained to help companies and governments achieve their energy goals.