In recent years we have gained knowledge and experience from numerous projects. To give you an insight into them, we have provided a synopsis of some of them below:


  1. Energy management

Energy management is an aspect that is reflected in several projects. Take EnergyStock for example, where we charted the energy consumption of the installation. Subsequently, various improvement ideas were developed, the most promising ones were taken up. From 2016, the process could be certified in accordance with ISO 50001. However, the best result was that it led to a number of significant energy-saving and CO₂-reducing projects. For more information, visit

In 2016, BBL Company was also certified in accordance with ISO 50001. This means that BBL Company has set up a continuous improvement process for energy management. A conscious use of energy became an integral part of business operations. This has led to a significant reduction in energy consumption.


  1. HyStock

HyStock is a good example of a project where internal and external hurdles have been overcome by continuing to believe in opportunities and collaboration. Dutch and European subsidies were used for this, so that an idea could become reality in a few years. There is now an operational 1 MW PEM Electrolyser that converts green electrons into green hydrogen. This hydrogen is initially stored in cylinders and then transported to users by means of trailers.

More information?
HyStock website
VPRO gids artikel


  1. Gasunie Hydrogen Services

Gasunie Hydrogen Services is the owner and operator of the hydrogen transport pipeline in the Dutch Flanders region. This pipeline connects DOW Benelux in Terneuzen with Yara in Sluiskil. Hydrogen is released as a residual product in the DOW production process. This can be used by Yara as a raw material. A former natural gas transmission pipeline from Gasunie was put into operation for this purpose. This is specially made suitable for the transport of hydrogen.

This reuse of existing natural gas infrastructure is exceptional. A very good example of what is possible if you work together as companies and governments. This not only saves energy, but also reduces CO₂ emissions. In addition, valuable experience has been gained with the transport of hydrogen through natural gas pipelines. Perhaps this project is the stepping stone to a large-scale hydrogen transport throughout the Netherlands!

As a technical manager, Arjan was closely involved in this project. In this video he tells more about it!


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